Steel structure is a structure which is made from the organized combination of custom-designed structural steel members to meet architecture and engineering requirements of users. Steel structure involves sub-structure or members in a building made from structural steel.

Advantages of steel structures

  • They are super-quick to build at site, as a lot of work can be pre-fabbed at the factory.

  • They are flexible, which makes them very good at resisting dynamic (changing) forces such as wind or earthquake forces.

  • A wide range of ready-made structural sections are available, such as I, C, and angle sections

  • They can be made to take any kind of shape, and clad with any type of material

  • A wide range of joining methods is available, such as bolting, welding, and riveting

Disadvantages of steel structures

  • They lose strength at high temperatures, and are susceptible to fire.

  • They are prone to corrosion in humid or marine environments.

Various shapes of structural steel

  • I-Beam.

  • Z-Shape.

  • Hollow structural.

  • Angle: L-shaped cross section.

  • Structural Channels: C-beam or C-shaped cross section.

  • T-shaped cross section.

  • Rail Profile: Strap rail, Flanged rail, Baulk rail, Barlow rail, Flat bottomed rail, Double-headed rail, Bullhead rail, Tangential turnouts, Grooved rail.

  • Bar: a piece of metal, rectangular cross-sectioned and long, but not so wide so as to be called a sheet.

  • Rod.

  • Plate.

  • Open web joists.

Steel Structure Introduction

Main structural types

  • Truss structures.

  • Frame structures.

  • Grids structures.

  • Arch.

  • Prestressed structures.

  • Beam bridge.

  • Truss bridge.

  • Arch bridge.

  • Cable-stayed bridge.

  • Suspension bridge.

Steel Structure Introduction

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