At Fuji Vietnam, we believe that a working environment built by a strong and unique culture will help members reach their full ability and reveal their potential.

Fuji Vietnam always orients and encourages members to create the habit of maintaining actions and behaviors according to the core principles:

1. Respect the difference

Each human being is born as a free, unique individual, with their own thinking ability and personality. Members should respect individual differences as equal coworkers.

2. Responsibility – Prestige

Each member always upholds responsibility, must do all their responsibilities, exemplary in ethics and reputation in the company, prestige with customers and the community.

3. Youthfulness - Ambitious.

Encourage open communication between members, between employees and managers. Creating a working environment without distance, creating excitement at work, helping to think and exchange work effectively.

Always think innovative, develop new ideas to improve work efficiency. Constantly striving for a more harmonious workflow.

4. Care - Sharing

Respecting each individual, loving, close, friendly, helping members in difficulty, receiving help in difficult times, sharing knowledge, sharing experiences, making sincere contributions to each member fulfill responsibilities at work, at the family and the society.

5. Trust - Solidarity

Build internal relationships based on trust among members. Create a harmonious and united life rhythm among members from all levels in the company in order to maximize the strength of the collective, contributing to creating competitive advantages in the market.