The legendary ad begins with a story- a man sits down to the piano at a social gathering, his friends start laughing because they know he can’t play. It’s clever, and if it’s in the sports section, you probably know it’s referencing the NFL team. But out of context, it’s not a clear headline and that could cause a lot of confusion for readers. Your objective is the goal you’ll be targeting as you write.

And as long as companies need to communicate the value of their product or service, they’ll need support from copywriters. Copywriters compose the words, phrases, taglines, sentences, and paragraphs that sell products and services. I started my writing career as a journalist, which is a common route to copywriting. For the past 15 years I’ve worked as a copywriter for a digital marketing agency and in-house marketing departments and also as a freelancer.

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Be careful not to use confusing terminology in your copy, because that will really hurt your sales. Clearly, if you can make your copy more impactful, then do so. Why choose a dull word when a vibrant one can be used instead? Power words can be insanely effective in business copy, but the only danger is not to overdo it. Business isn’t that easy and you’re going to be far better off creating your own copy.

Copywriting tips

Although words are important, images are too [particularly online]. They can contextualise messaging and make copy more powerful. And speaking more generally, they’re eye-catching which helps with maintain interest. Offering a variety of choices can often lead to indecision and lower sales. We’re more reluctant to stop doing something if we’ve already put a lot of time, money and effort into it.

Good copywriting is concise; it’s brief yet comprehensive.

Copywriting and writing are two distinct professions that involve different types of writing and require different skills and approaches. If you enjoyed this, you’ll like my new project Copywriting Examples. Nurture and grow your business with customer relationship management software. In general, if you can afford to cut without losing the meaning of a sentence, do so. Turn 50-word homepage copy into 25, then push yourself again to make that 25-word sentence into 15 words.

Copywriting tips

When prospects get something valuable from you just by reading, they learn to trust you and believe that you deliver what you promise. This copywriting trick gives prospects a taste so that real desire fuels their actions, not just curiosity, and it’s also one of the reasons content marketing works so well. Every writer and every brand has their own unique voice, style, and unique selling proposition (USP).

What is Copywriting?

If possible, find and incorporate relevant customer testimonials to build credibility with readers. These testimonials elicit more trust and believability in the brand, product, or service and make readers feel more comfortable taking the next step. Limits can be great for productivity and creativity. Instead of writing generalist blog posts whenever you feel like it, give yourself structure to think and create. The more you connect with other writers, the more you’ll learn about writing, editing, project management, and career growth.

Follow the lead of the good examples that I showed you, and avoid the mistakes of the bad ones. If you’re struggling, you can always use a copywriting formula to guide you through the process. The 4 U’s formula works well for advertisements or social media copy. Find ways to create a sense of urgency, like FOMO, as an emotional trigger that gets the reader to act quickly. When was the last time you learned how to play a new game?

Use an active voice

From startups to Fortune 500s and everything in between, copywriting can make or break the success of an organization. So read your work aloud and make sure to listen. Did you catch an accidental rhyme or a tricky string of words? From here, you should be able to identify the audience, the scope, and the purpose.

Copywriting tips

Read what you’ve written out loud and insert a comma when you breathe. In other words, punctuation was created so that meaning wasn’t lost. Now, the good news is that most punctuation is fairly obvious. Apostrophes, speech marks, semi-colons and the like all have a crucial role to play.

Tip 16: Write with design in mind

Copywriting is the art of writing text for marketing purposes. It’s designed to sell your products or services while establishing a voice for your brand. This can seem daunting—a never-ending loop of revisions could mean looking at the blog post or product page forever—but it can also be liberating. Give yourself permission to start with some terrible ideas and write blunt and ugly sentences you wouldn’t want your boss to see.

  • Speaking of approach, it is essential to establish the tone and language that will be adopted in your content.
  • Derek Halpern of Social Triggers is a great example.
  • They may also have access to a library of reference materials and other resources to help them with research and inspiration.
  • But short and sweet isn’t the only characteristic of good copywriting.
  • For example, established brand names might not need to worry about proof and credibility.
  • All you need are some research skills, because doing some detective work will help you connect with your target audience and communicate your USPs more effectively.

Marketing messages become drivel if they go on and on about a company and its products. The quickest way to turn drivel into sales copy is to address a benefit or a problem your customers have first. Try to avoid fake benefits and focus on a benefit your readers are looking for. Most real benefits are related to saving money, making more money, becoming happier, being free from fear and worry, a feeling of belonging etc. Developed in the late 19th century, the AIDA model is used to describe the steps a customer goes through when purchasing a product. This is a useful formula to consider when you’re trying to get past writer’s block as you create your copy.

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